Systemic Osteoporosis and Reduction of the Edentulous Alveolar Ridge

Srđan D. Poštić, PhD¹*; Nada Vujasinović-Stupar²; Zoran Rakočević³

¹ Clinic of Dental Prosthetic,University School of Dental Medicine, University of Belgrade; Belgrade, Serbia

²Insitute of rheumatology,  Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade; Belgrade, Serbia

³Insitute of Radiology, University School of Dental Medicine,University of Belgrade; Belgrade, Serbia

*Corresponding author:  Doc dr Srđan D. Poštić, PhD.  Clinic of Dental Prosthetic, School of Dental Medicine, University of Belgrade.4, Rankeova, Belgrade, 11000, Serbia. Tel: +381-2435-719. E-mail:

Published: September 24, 2013


Systemic osteoporosis can damage skeletal bones to different degrees or remain persistent in intensity.

The aim of this study was to determine the intensity and correlation of the osteoporotic changes in the bone density of the skeleton and body mass index (BMI) with a reduction in edentulous mandibles.

Material and Methods: In this study, 89 edentulous patients with decreased bone density comprised the experimental group, and 43 edentulous patients with normal bone densities formed the control. The age of the patients ranged between 53 and 73 years. Radiographs of the hands and panoramic radiographs  were done for all the patients. The values of BMI, metacarpal index , density of lumbar spine (L2-L4), in the phalanx and segments of the mandibles as well as the heights of the edentulous alveolar ridges  were measured, assessed and calculated.

 Results: The lowest value of the total skeletal density was established in the osteoporotic patients on the basis of the average T-score of -2.5 in men, and - 2.6 in women. Minimum values of the heights of the edentulous ridges (right/left, in mm) were measured in both osteoporotic female (21.84/22.39) and male (24.90/24.96) patients. By comparison of the densities of the metacarpal bones, proximal phalanx, segments of the edentulous mandibles and based on the numerical values of the heights of the edentulous ridges,  χ²=3.81 was found in men and χ²=4.03 was found in women with normal bone densities; χ²=5.92 was found in men and χ²=6.25 was found in women with osteopenia; χ²=2.63 was found in men and χ²=3.85 was found in women with osteoporosis, on the P level of probability of 0.05.

Conclusion: Systemic osteoporosis causes a decrease of the jawbone density and induces residual edentulous alveolar ridge reduction.

osteoporosis, jaw, bones, densitometry.

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