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Updated: 46 min 9 sec ago

Simple juice concentrate from the Japanese plum may reduce cardiovascular disease risk

Tue, 06/13/2023 - 14:45
More than 122 million Americans – about half of the U.S. population ages 20 and older – have high blood pressure, referred to medically as hypertension.

Inter‑hospital transfers during the pandemic were complex and distressing

Tue, 06/13/2023 - 14:35
During the COVID-19 pandemic, health care workers were frequently called upon to make decisions about whether to accept patient transfers from other hospitals, often due to a lack of beds, staff or the need for more specialized care.

Study looks at the use emoji and emoticons in secure clinical texting systems

Tue, 06/13/2023 - 14:32
You may have heard it said before that a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about an emoji?

International researchers put forward landmark proposal to diagnose, treat heart disease with neuromodulation technologies

Tue, 06/13/2023 - 14:16
Professor Kalyanam Shivkumar of David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA in collaboration with Professor David Paterson, of Oxford University has been awarded a prestigious Leducq International Network of Excellence Program Award of $8 million to set up a major new transatlantic network linking world leading researchers from the United States and Europe to develop bioelectronics and therapies that target the nervous system to treat heart diseases.

State policies play an important role in expanding access to mental health care

Tue, 06/13/2023 - 14:07
Four state policies introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic to spur expansion of telehealth were associated with expansion of such services by mental health facilities, but growth of telehealth was lower among facilities in counties with the greatest proportion of Black residents, according to a new RAND Corporation study.

Study: Only 1 in 4 addiction treatment facilities caring for U.S. adolescents offer buprenorphine

Tue, 06/13/2023 - 13:53
Only 1 in 4 residential addiction treatment facilities caring for U.S. adolescents under 18 years old offer buprenorphine, a medication used to treat opioid use disorder, according to a new study.

Study finds racial disparities in treatment, outcomes of peripheral artery disease among Black and white patients

Tue, 06/13/2023 - 13:49
A new study from Keck Medicine of USC has uncovered significant racial disparities in the diagnosis, treatment and outcomes of peripheral artery disease (PAD) among Black and white patients in the United States.

Automated liquid biopsy test predicts early disease progression, survival among patients with metastatic breast cancer

Tue, 06/13/2023 - 13:43
A novel, automated liquid biopsy test in development by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center can be used to predict early disease progression and potential survival among patients with metastatic breast cancer in as little as one month after starting treatment, according to a recent study.

Researchers develop protein biomarker panels to predict developmental dysplasia of the hip

Tue, 06/13/2023 - 13:34
Researchers from the University of Missouri School of Medicine have developed panels of protein biomarkers present in teens and young adults that distinguish individuals with healthy hips from those with developmental dysplasia of the hip, also known as hip dysplasia, which often progresses to hip osteoarthritis if not recognized before early adulthood.

Common weight-loss surgery for obese adolescents and young adults reduces bone strength

Tue, 06/13/2023 - 13:05
A common weight-loss surgery for obese adolescents and young adults is found to have harmful effects on bones, according to a study published in Radiology, a journal of the Radiological Society of North America.

Common laxative prucalopride may be useful as a pro-cognitive treatment in psychiatric conditions

Tue, 06/13/2023 - 12:58
Cognitive deficits accompany mood disorders and other psychiatric conditions, often with debilitating effects.

Is the increased risk of bronchopulmonary dysplasia from high-dose docosahexaenoic acid supplementation in the neonatal period associated with changes to IQ?

Tue, 06/13/2023 - 12:48
Study analyzed whether a reduction in IQ benefit was associated with the increased risk of BPD with DHA supplementation.

Cracking the code: the key to balancing nutrition and environmental responsibility

Tue, 06/13/2023 - 12:15
A thorough investigation of plant-based dietary nutritional and environmental benefits is essential.

Study finds evidence of increased neuronal connectivity in the brains of entrepreneurs

Tue, 06/13/2023 - 12:12
In a pioneering study involving serial entrepreneurs and managers, a multidisciplinary research team led by HEC - School of Management at the University of Liège and Liège University Hospital (CHU Liège), combining entrepreneurship researchers and brain specialists, found evidence of increased neuronal connectivity in the brains of entrepreneurs, which may contribute to distinct cognitive attributes.

Beyond exhaustion: study identifies fatigue as key factor limiting functionality in long COVID patients

Tue, 06/13/2023 - 10:56
Researchers assess self-documented long COVID symptoms among care-seeking individuals.

Study findings could reassure most women treated for early breast cancer

Tue, 06/13/2023 - 10:21
Most women diagnosed with early stage breast cancer today can expect to become long term cancer survivors, finds a study published by The BMJ today.

Study provides a new and promising strategy for future cancer immunotherapies

Tue, 06/13/2023 - 09:55
CD8+ T cells, a vital component of the immune system that provides immunity against cancer, have been the focal point of anti-cancer therapies.