Pharmacogenetic Properties of Nebivolol Use in Uzbek Hypertensive Patients

Gulnoz A. Khamidullaeva, PhD*

Republican Specialized Center of Cardiology, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

*Corresponding author: Gulnoz A. Khamidullaeva, Ph, Arterial Hypertension Department, Republican Specialized Center of Cardiology, 4, Osiyo str., 100052 Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Tel: 998-93-5769955; 998-71-2670295


Background: to study of antihypertensive and vasoprotective efficacy of nebivolol according with arterial hypertension candidate genes carriage in Uzbek hypertensive patients.

Material and methods: The study included 52 Uzbek men with Stage I-II of arterial hypertension. Flow mediated dilation (FMD) of the brachial artery and intimae-media thickness (IMT) of common carotid artery were measured by ultrasonographic method. Genomic DNA extracted from peripheral blood. PCR, PCR-restriction and visualization of were performed. Nebivolol prescribed as monotherapy for 12 weeks.

Results: Therapy with nebivolol in a daily average doze 4.6±2.39 mg demonstrated antihypertensive efficacy independently of studied genetic polymorphism carriage. The association of vasoprotective efficacy of nebivolol along with complete normalization of FMD and reliable reduction of the IMT was revealed in carriers of 4b/4b genotype of eNOS, -9/-9 genotype of B2BKR, MM and МТ genotypes of AGT and of Gln/Gln genotype of β2-AR. For achievement of equal antihypertensive efficacy in the carriers of Glu-allele of β2-AR gene in comparison with the carriers of Gln-allele nebivolol was used in a daily doze 6.81±5.19 mg vs. 4.76±2.46 mg (р=0.013). The FMD normalization was marked only in the carriers of Gln-allelle.

Conclusions: The results of the study have shown the high antihypertensive efficacy and reliable vasoprotection of nebivolol monotherapy in Uzbek hypertensive patients – carriers of 4b/4b genotype of eNOS, -9/-9 genotype of B2BKR, MM and МТ genotypes of AGT and of Gln27Gln genotype of β2-AR.

Essential hypertension; nebivolol; genetic polymorphism.

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