A Prospective Observational Study of the Correlation between Obesity and the Autonomic Nervous System

Kiran D. Thorat, Sandip H. Ghuge

Rural Medical College, Loni, Maharashtra, India

*Corresponding author: Kiran D. Thorat, MBBS, MD, Assistant professor, Dept. of Physiology, Rural Medical College, Loni, Maharashtra, India. Address: Yashodip, 8 – Samarth Nagar, Tapovan Link Road, Opposite Karma Heights, Dwarka, Nasik, Maharashtra, India. PIN – 422011. E-mail: kt.2323@yahoo.co.in. Mobile: 91-9960-339506; 91-8007-784122


Background: As the ANS is involved in energy metabolism and the regulation of the cardiovascular system, people with idiopathic obesity can be considered to suffer an alteration in their autonomic nervous system.

Aim: To correlate the BMI with cardiovascular autonomic functions.

Objectives: To correlate three different sample groups of BMI in relation to their Cardiovascular Sympathetic and Parasympathetic functions.

Study design: This was a prospective observational study.

Type of data: This was the Primary Data.

Population: Data has been collected from Pravara Rural Hospital Loni, Maharashtra, India.

Sample size: 69 completely healthy male subjects (not having any major illness or chronic addiction) were selected for the study. All the subjects were evaluated using «CANWIN» cardiac autonomic neuropathy analyzer; windows based cardiac autonomic neuropathy analysis system with interpretation.

Statistical analysis: Descriptive statistics was done and presented using tables and graphs, including mean values for continuous data to discuss the results. Correlations of outcome parameters were calculated with significance test. Statistical software SPSS, version16.0 was used for analysis.

Results: Orthostatic hypotension and Handgrip test (increase in DBP) were more pronounced in Group III. Valsalva ratio test showed very weak negative correlation in group I and very weak positive correlation in Group II and III.

Conclusion: Increased sympathetic activity and to some degree decreased Parasympathetic activity were found in correlation with the obesity. The study concluded that a more marked influence of obesity on activation of the sympathetic nervous system was observed.

autonomic nervous system; cardiovascular autonomic functions; obesity.

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