On the General Mechanisms of both, Somatic Cambial Cells and Germ Cells Proliferation, and the Concept of Cambial Cells

Tatyana M. Yavisheva, PhD, ScD*, Sergey D. Shcherbakov, PhD, ScD

Blokhin Cancer Research Center of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow, Russian Federation

*Corresponding author: Tatyana M. Yavisheva, PhD, ScD, Leading Researcher, Blokhin Cancer Research Center of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, 29/33, Building "B", Valovaya str., apt. #50, 115054, Moscow, Russian Federation. Tel: 7-905-7354590 (mobile). E-mail:javisheva@rambler.ru


Having applied the previously mentioned cambial epithelium cells functioning scheme to the process of early embryogenesis, it has been shown that cambial, or stem cells, originate from a presumptive ectoderm, and protein RhoA that is strongly expressed and Src kinase, is weakly expressed in them. This gives them their stem cell qualities and an absence of certain differentiation. Primordial germ cells represent the stem cells that became separated and entered an environment, which expresses Src kinase to a certain degree in them, and causes their polarization and specialization. For certain cambial cells differentiation, it is necessary to enhance the Src kinase expression to an optimum degree for each tissue.

cambial cells, embryogenesis, RhoÀ protein, Src kinase

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