Results of Surgical Treatment of Patients with Liver Laceration from Blunt Abdominal Trauma

Alexei L. Charyshkin, PhD, ScD*, Michael R. Gafiullov, Vladimir P. Demin

Institute of Medicine, Ecology and Physical Education, Ulyanovsk, Russian Federation

*Corresponding author: Prof. Alexei L. Charyshkin, PhD, ScD, Head of the Faculty Surgery Department, Institute of Medicine, Ecology and Physical Edcation, Ulyanovsk State University. 75, Ryabikov str., apt. 86, 432073, Ulyanovsk, Russian Federation. Tel: 7-9510-966093, E-mail:


In this paper, the method developed to suture liver wounds is described in detail. The results of the surgical treatment of liver laceration with blunt abdominal trauma during the period 2001-2012 are presented. The technique developed for suturing liver wounds in patients with blunt abdominal trauma was evaluated. The method developed involving suturing of the liver wounds in patients with blunt abdominal trauma contributes to reliable hemostasis, significantly reduces the duration of surgery and the development of post-operative complications.

liver wound; blunt abdominal trauma.

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