The Incidence of Exudative Otitis Media in HIV Infected Children

Nuriddin U. Narzullaev, PhD*

Bukhara Medical Institute, Bukhara, Uzbekistan

*Corresponding author: Nuriddin U. Narzullaev, PhD, Bukhara State Medical Institute, 1, Navoi str., Bukhara, Uzbekistan. E-mail:


Diseases of the ENT organs are among the commonly prevalent and dangerous pathologies of childhood, occurring as a complication of respiratory, bacterial diseases and HIV infection. One of the serious complications of HIV infection in children is the lesion of ENT organs. In HIV infected children, in addition to suppurative diseases occur middle ear diseases with nonsuppurative origin. A total of 79 HIV infected children aged 3-14 years with different pathologies of the nasal cavity, nasopharynx and paranasal sinuses were included into the current study. The control group included 20 healthy children of comparable age and sex. The survey was conducted in the ENT department of the Children’s Multi-Medical Center, in Bukhara region. Children with a diagnosis of suppurative otitis media and/or history of suppurative otitis media were not included into the study. All HIV infected children, along with physical examination, were performed ENT examination, finger study, X-ray examination of the paranasal sinuses, audiological research and impedancemetry.

exudative otitis media; HIV; children.

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