Iliocaval Fistula - A rare Option for Permanent Vascular Access

Roman E. Kalinin, Igor A. Suchkov, Nina D. Mzhavanadze, Andrey A. Egorov, Vladimir A. Yudin, Andrey V. Budnevsky, Aleksandr I. Zhdanov, Sergey A. Kovalev, Dmitry V. Griaznov, Aleksandr N. Kinshov

International Journal of Biomedicine. 2020;10(1):79-81.
DOI: 10.21103/Article10(1)_CR2
Originally published March 15, 2020


The number of patients receiving maintenance dialysis treatment has been growing in recent years. Unfortunately, the lifetime of PVA is not unlimited, and some patients initially have problems with its formation. Because of these problems, there is a need to develop new methods of forming constant vascular access in this cohort of patients. This case shows the successful surgical approach to forming permanent vascular access in patients who are intravenous drug users and who have post-thrombotic syndrome of most veins, making them unsuitable for creating an arteriovenous fistula.

permanent vascular access • haemodialysis • continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis
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Received December 7, 2019.
Accepted January 22, 2020.
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