Presentation of Myopericytoma in the Lower Leg: A Case Report with a Brief Review of the Literature

Redon Jashari, Afrim Shabani, Dijon Musliu, Donjet Bislimi, Ardita Kafexholli

International Journal of Biomedicine. 2023;13(2):361-363.
DOI: 10.21103/Article13(2)_CR6
Originally published June 5, 2023


Myopericitoma is a rare benign tumor of soft tissue that emerges from perivascular smooth tissue. Myopericitoma primarily derives from soft tissue and skin of the inferior extremities and is rarely found in internal organs. Considering the rare encounter with this neoplasia, it is often misdiagnosed as lipoma or atheroma. Our patient presents with a lump in the lateral region of the Achilles tendon on the right side. On inspection, a small, painful lump of approximately 5 mm×5 mm is noticed without cutaneous changes. In histopathologic examination, branched blood vessels are detected with a characteristic “hemangiopericytoma look-alike” appearance surrounded by prolonged myoid cells.

myopericitoma • myoid cells • lower extremities

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Received February 26, 2023.
Accepted March 26, 2023.
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