Outcomes of Premature Birth in Women Having High Factors for Perinatal Risks

Agamurad A. Orazmuradov, Phd, ScD¹; Aleksey A.Lukaev¹*; Valeriy A.Yanin²; Vera L. Krikunova²; Tatyana V. Verstat²

¹Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia; ²Mytischinskaya municipal clinical hospital, Moscow Region, Russian Federation

*Corresponding author: Aleksey A.Lukaev. Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. Russian Federation. E-mail: aleksei_lukaev@mail.ru

Published: March 25, 2014.


Questions regarding the method of delivery in the case of preterm pregnancy have always been and will remain topical.  Birth trauma continues to be one of the main causes of perinatal mortality among preterm infants, caused mainly by inadequate premature birth management. The choice of the optimal tactics of their management including an allowance for perinatal risk is a major factor in improving newborns health rate.

premature birth; infection; cesarean section; perinatal risk factors.

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