Duration of Preservation of Antibodies to the Flu Virus in the Mother-Child Pairs during the Vaccination of Women Depending on the Trimester of Pregnancy

Mikhail P. Kostinov¹, PhD, ScD; Alexander P. Cherdantsev², PhD, ScD; Anna D. Shmitko¹; Dmitry V. Pakhomov¹*, PhD; Evgenia O. Demina¹

¹ The I.I. Mechnikov Scientific-Research Institute of Vaccine and Sera, RAS; Moscow, Russia; ² Ulyanovsk State University; Ulyanovsk, Russia

*Corresponding author: Dmitry V. Pakhomov, PhD.  Laboratory of vaccination and immunotherapy of allergic diseases, the I.I. Mechnikov Scientific-Research Institute of Vaccine and Sera, RAS; Moscow, Russia. E-mail: dm_pachomov@mail.ru

Published: December 3, 2015. DOI: 10.21103/Article5(4)_OA1


Vaccination against flu in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy with the use of Agrippal S1 is effective and meets the CPMP criteria. In our study, one month after vaccination, there was progress in the production of post-vaccination antibodies in protective values in pregnant women vaccinated in the third trimester of gestation. In neonates whose mothers had been vaccinated in the last trimester of pregnancy, there were also higher levels of protective antibodies to the flu A virus strains. Three months after childbirth, there were no significant differences in protective values of antibodies to all the strains of the flu virus in women of the compared groups. At the same time, in children born to women vaccinated in the third trimester of pregnancy, there was a significantly higher concentration of protective antibodies during the same period. Six months later, there were no transplacental antibodies in the protective values (³1:40) among the observed children. Comparison of the levels of protective titers of antibodies to the three strains of the flu virus in the mother-infant pairs, in all the periods of observation of the children, showed significantly lower values.

Flu virus; vaccination of pregnant women; neonates; antibody response; hemagglutination-inhibition antibody.
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