The Color Differences in Cervical, Middle and Incisal Segments of Maxillary Frontal Teeth

Teuta Pustina Krasniqi, Edit Xhajanka, Zana Lila Krasniqi, Linda Dula, Tetore Olloni

International Journal of Biomedicine. 2023;13(1):146-150.
DOI: 10.21103/Article13(1)_OA21
Originally published March 3, 2023


The purposes of our study were to apply criteria of color differences among parameters L*, a*, and b* in three vestibular segments (cervical, middle, and incisal) of the maxillary frontal teeth.
Methods and Results: This study included 255 dentistry students who volunteered to participate in this study. The color of the central incisors, lateral incisors, and canines of the maxilla was measured by the probe tip of the spectrophotometer Vita Easyshade® (Germany).
The color parameters L*, a*, and b* in the maxillary anterior teeth differed not only from one another but also from one segment to another segment of the same tooth. The differences in color between the maxillary anterior teeth are evident; especially, these differences in color were noticed between the maxillary incisors and canines. It was concluded that the differences were of high significance between maxillary incisors and canines. The significant differences in frontal teeth were stronger between the cervical and middle segments than between these segments and incisal segments.

maxillary frontal teeth • color • tooth segments
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Received January 11, 2023.
Accepted February 12, 2023.
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