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Study on impact of environmental changes on West Nile virus epidemiology and dynamics

Rss Feed - Wed, 02/01/2023 - 08:36
Researchers performed a systematic review to identify environmental factors related to alterations in WNV (West Nile virus) transmission and vector distribution in the EU (Europe) and the MR (Mediterranean region).

CuSTOM; Creating a healthier society by accelerating the translation of organoid technology

Rss Feed - Wed, 02/01/2023 - 08:18
In this interview, we speak to Magdalena Kasendra at the CuSTOM Accelerator, about the organoid technology and how it has the power the revolutionize healthcare.

Researchers utilize discarded facial tissues to diagnose respiratory viral infections in children

Rss Feed - Wed, 02/01/2023 - 07:56
Researchers developed an innovative method to diagnose respiratory viral infections (RVIs) in children using discarded facial tissues.

Risk factors for Omicron reinfections among previously infected frontline workers in the United States

Rss Feed - Wed, 02/01/2023 - 06:56
Researchers examined a prospective cohort of frontline workers in the United States (US) previously infected with SARS-CoV-2. They attempted to identify risk factors that made this highly vulnerable population prone to reinfection by SARS-CoV-2 new variant of concern (VOC), Omicron, known for its high immune evading potential.

Repeated COVID-19 vaccination may improve public health outcomes

Rss Feed - Wed, 02/01/2023 - 06:26
A recent study suggests that repeated vaccination at frequent intervals might improve COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and the trajectory of the pandemic.

Effectiveness of exome and genome sequencing to detect undiagnosed syndromes

Rss Feed - Wed, 02/01/2023 - 06:15
Scientists review existing literature to evaluate the advancements in genomic and exome sequencing for the accurate detection of undiagnosed syndromes.

How eating patterns and nutritional intake affects the management of type 2 diabetes

Rss Feed - Wed, 02/01/2023 - 06:03
The main goal of this review is to provide evidence-based dietary guidelines for patients looking to manage their diabetes.

Transcriptomics analysis identifies thousands of viroid-like circular RNA molecules

Rss Feed - Wed, 02/01/2023 - 05:46
Metatranscriptomics analysis reveals the existence of over ten thousand viroids and viroid-like RNAs.

Analysis of rebound virus suggests two separate reservoirs of latent HIV in patients

Rss Feed - Wed, 02/01/2023 - 00:56
When people living with HIV take antiviral therapy (ART), their viral loads are driven so low that a standard blood test cannot detect the virus.

Tuning into a person's individual brainwave cycle boosts learning

Rss Feed - Wed, 02/01/2023 - 00:33
Scientists have shown for the first time that briefly tuning into a person's individual brainwave cycle before they perform a learning task dramatically boosts the speed at which cognitive skills improve.

Side-effects and costs are important issues for users of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis, survey finds

Rss Feed - Wed, 02/01/2023 - 00:18
A new survey finds that men who would be potential users of HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) medication prefer long-acting injections over pills, but rank side effects and costs as the most important issues for them in considering whether to take PrEP.

Study finds link between neurodegeneration in obese people and Alzheimer's disease

Rss Feed - Tue, 01/31/2023 - 23:16
A new study led by scientists at The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital) of McGill University finds a correlation between neurodegeneration in obese people and Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients, suggesting that losing excess weight could slow cognitive decline in aging and lower risk for AD.

Breast MRI found to be superior at detecting breast cancer in women with dense breasts

Rss Feed - Tue, 01/31/2023 - 22:20
Compared to other common supplemental screening methods, breast MRI was superior at detecting breast cancer in women with dense breasts, according to a study published in Radiology, a journal of the Radiological Society of North America.

Two million euro ERC Consolidator Grant awarded for finding new therapies against pancreatic cancer

Rss Feed - Tue, 01/31/2023 - 22:14
The "Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma" (PDAC) is by far the most common form of cancer of the pancreas. PDAC tumors have an extremely poor prognosis because of several reasons.

Study demonstrates an age cutoff heuristic in oncology

Rss Feed - Tue, 01/31/2023 - 21:48
Age-based heuristics can lead to large differences in breast cancer treatment based on small differences in chronologic age, according to a new analysis of more than 500,000 patient records.

Experts discover mechanism of recruitment for tumor-associated cells in lung adenocarcinoma

Rss Feed - Tue, 01/31/2023 - 21:32
A team of experts from the University of Barcelona, the University of Zaragoza and Hospital Clínic de Barcelona found a mechanism of recruitment for tumour-associated cells (cancer-associated fibroblasts or CAFs) which are essential to lung adenocarcinoma, the most frequent type of cancer.

Researchers develop new way to increase the potency of cancer vaccines

Rss Feed - Tue, 01/31/2023 - 20:24
A new way to significantly increase the potency of almost any vaccine has been developed by researchers from the International Institute for Nanotechnology (IIN) at Northwestern University.

Cancer immunotherapy does not interfere with COVID-19 immunity in vaccinated patients, study shows

Rss Feed - Tue, 01/31/2023 - 20:11
Research findings published in Frontiers in Immunology show that cancer immunotherapy does not interfere with COVID-19 immunity in previously vaccinated patients.

Higher consumption of ultra-processed foods associated with greater risk of developing cancer

Rss Feed - Tue, 01/31/2023 - 19:28
Higher consumption of ultra-processed foods may be linked to an increased risk of developing and dying from cancer, an Imperial College London-led observational study suggests.

OU biomedical engineer receives $2 million to examine movement impairments in stroke patients

Rss Feed - Tue, 01/31/2023 - 19:15
University of Oklahoma biomedical engineer Yuan Yang, Ph.D., has received nearly $2 million in funding from the National Institutes of Health and the American Heart Association to examine the impact of strokes and the movement impairments stroke patients suffer.